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medicines drugs production marketing health care system gkv delimitations self-medication pricing law legal provisions medical devices law concerning medical devices accreditation law drug medicine lawyer solicitor barrister attorney at law right law act medicine law medicine pharmaceutical law food law pharmacies law law and economy in the pharmacy for pharmaceutical companies importers wholesale trade and pharmacies wholesale trade trading with pharmaceutical products pharmacy pharmacies food law overview an overview of legal bases overview of law concerning zoonosis lawyer barrister solicitor attorney at law specialised lawyer family law lawyer solicitor barrister attorney at law law office law attorneys at law lawyers solicitors barristers jurist justice report medicine law health law and bioethics HEALTH LAW pharmacies law law relating to medical malpractice liability food law medicine law natural flavouring substance flavouring substance identical to natural substance artificial flavouring substance flavouring preparations process flavouring smoke flavouring Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in Great Britain 1986 law lawyer solicitor barrister law office Codex Alimentarius Commission food cosmetics food chemistry food chemist agriculture law agriculture commercial law contract law nutrition medicine drug research in novel drugs Drug Law drug manufacturers drug industry drug pricing drug law drug guidelines drug security drug directory advertising in the healthcare system marketing authorisation for pharmaceutical products subjective health complaint patient information leaflet drug manufacturer compliance non-prescription drugs non-prescription medicines OTC drugs health policy health policy healthcare Law on Advertising in the Healthcare System indication Integritas drugs medicines medicine medical devices natural medicines OTC drugs OTC preparations package leaflet pharma industry EAN number prevention non-prescription drugs non-prescription self-medication list of non-prescription drugs associations Association for Fair Advertising in the Healthcare System prevention prophylaxis association society attorney at law solicitor barrister drink food foodstuff food law case law relating to foodstuffs nutrition German Regulation on Food Additives Regulation on Nutrition Labelling of Foodstuffs traceability food stamps case law concerning foodstuffs drugs drug law side effects pharmaceutical forms active substances groups of medicines substances of content package leaflet package insert compliance Regulation on Food Additives allergen food labelling food hygiene regulation obligation to label food consumer protection consumer food monitoring commission EC EU food law EC Commission EU Commission guideline directive tobacco products tobacco consumer goods nutrition agriculture forests information environment food drinks diet consumer teacher lesson school agriculture children parents seminars media domestic economy gene technology food law act nutrition consultation services consumer protection plants animals legal consultation prior to launching a product to the market guidelines and directives of the EU Commission case law of the European Court of Justice consultation concerning the labelling of products examination as to compliance with the law on competition advertising of foodstuffs administrative offences with respect to food law as well as in criminal and administrative procedures complaint from food monitoring authorities specialised lawyer online consultation law legal counselling legal assistance lawyer solicitor barrister law act court avocat lawyer nature forest wood hunt hunting education consultation horticulture viticulture specialised crops spices taste consumption meat prepared meat products convenience food products food manufacturers food producers catering caterer catering Hanover Frankfurt Munich Stuttgart spice spices mixed herbs spice manufacturer consumption spice producer flavour meat spices sausage spices additives ingredients substances of content foodstuffs food technology sausage casings herbs marinades vinegar oils cooking naturalness natural products food design wellness packaging seminars academy consumer knowledge nutrition quality service laboratory lab examination test meat sausage Lower Saxony lawyer solicitor barrister law Baden-Württemberg Bavaria Germany Austria Switzerland convenience canteen kitchen Gasser cooks’ association food recipes cooking seminars trends grill wholesale trade pepper paprika chives basil barbecue food cook eat house garden agricultural structure farming structure land development commodity science label aid information service communication service Evaluation and Information Service for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forests recipes food health adviser counsellor children child nutrition senior citizens senior nutrition rules on nutrition LMBG Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Law LMHV Food Hygiene Regulation law legislative act food law Cosmetic Regulation additives Regulation on Food Additives cosmetic preparations cosmetics e-numbers amendment revised version reorganisation provision label identification disclosure of ingredients hygiene HACCP cosmetic law ingredients quantity veterinary medicinal product residues in food food additives and contaminants pesticide residues analysis and sample drawing examination and certification of imports and exports general principles food labelling food hygiene nutrition and dietetic food product standards for instance fish and fish products meat and poultry ice cream edible ice nutrition law to launch a food product in another member state of the European Community market § 47 of the Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Law (LMBG) functional food - food claimed to have a health-promoting and/or disease-preventing property beyond the basic nutritional function to test nutritive or flavour effects expert’s opinion European law genetically modified food gene technology drug law pharmaceutical law drugs medicines pharmaceuticals drugs active substances medical devices medicaments social legislation advertising of medicaments medical malpractice liability prescriptive drugs reimbursement  health law lawyers solicitors barristers lawyer solicitor barrister attorney at law lawyer solicitor attorneys at law Lower Saxony Hanover animals information chambers animal shelter animal clinic veterinary centre veterinary assistance breeders’ association breeding societies associations examination centres events vaccination transponder diseases method of treatment regulations in other countries medical law veterinary law provisions regulating medical malpractice liability modified resources lawyer solicitor barrister law public law administrative procedure authorisation authorise health claims directive proposal labelling of foodstuffs nursing care law health care system law relating to patients medicine law social legislation euthanasia assisted suicide medical law law applicable to protection against infection medical science naturopathy job placement social studies and civics social and medical assistance social welfare hospital law nursing law and public health service health care law liability medicine nursing rehabilitation law medical law liability law patient protection health care law constitutional law law regulations for disabled persons doctor’s mistake faulty treatment improper treatment claims for damages damage claims packed food must name weight expiration date storage information preparation ingredients list of ingredients food foodstuffs cosmetics tabacco products and commodity goods there are numerous laws directives guidelines both on the European and national level production of a food article descending order genetically modified GM components method of treatment pasteurisation refrigeration label law food law medicine law provisions governing medical malpractice liability medical law pharmacies law prohibition of mail-order sales vocational law Act on Pharmacies mail-order trade medicine advertising law drug lawyer solicitor barrister attorney at law mail-order pharmacy medical malpractice liability doctor’s mistake faulty treatment improper treatment medical malpractice law faulty treatment physical and mental damage medical malpractice law medicine forensic medicine patient law patient rights patient protection patient support patient’s attorney non-pecuniary losses compensation for pain and suffering improper treatment doctor’s mistake medical malpractice faulty treatment false diagnosis food labelling law labelling provisions lawyer solicitor barrister revise agreement food-irradiation ionizing radiation prevention of germination and sprouting of potatoes, onions and garlic prolongation of the shelf life and prevention of food-borne diseases by reducing the number of viable micro-organisms in spices and herbs retardation of ripening and aging of fruit and vegetables killing insects which infest grains, dried food, vegetables or nuts spices herbs poultry hospital law Law on Advertising in the Health Care System advertising medical and hospital law in the health care system admission termination agreements with cost units invoicing drug medicinal preparation consumer compulsory package leaflet design expert opinion publication sweepstakes allocation fear medical history medical records anamnesis prescription medicines apply pharmacist advertising agency pharma company medical profession invoicing fruit and vegetables cosmetics fitness law wellness law sports law dietary supplement regulations sport law sports law court for sports cases court ruling in a sports case courts rulings in sports cases sports science court rulings in sports cases court ruling lawyer solicitor barrister attorney at law sport legal counselling play entitlement nutrition law corks for wine bottles expendables for hospitals medicinal products and packaging material for food law lawyer solicitor barrister food hygiene food safety salmonellae listeriosis or BSE decay deterioration medicine law medical law court rulings database liability for medical malpractice panel doctors fund doctors law juridical damages for pain and suffering compensation for pain and suffering medicine false treatment improper treatment compensation for pain and suffering compensation for non-pecuniary damage temperature influences effects of light off-smells ecological food bio health-food shop wholefood shop farm law bio law biotechnology law traceability as a possibility to identify the origin of feed and food ingredients and food sources ability to trace and follow food, feed and ingredients through all stages of production, processing and distribution food additives are to preserve colour sweeten medical technique lawyer solicitor barrister attorney at law pharmacies conquer the Internet We shall be glad to assist you even if you want to familiarise step by step with the new matter and the possibilities arising due to the fact that the prohibition on mail-order sales ceased to be in force as of 1st November 2004. pharmacies law vocational law Pharmacies Act Rules governing the Operation of Pharmacies and code of professional conduct online offers advertising law competition law Law on the Advertising in the Health Care System


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